Curiosos diseños «coming soon».

En este post encontrarás 15 curiosos diseños de páginas coming soon.

Las paginas de «coming soon«, que significa «próximamente«,  sirven para informar al usuario de que todavía no está operativa la web. Esta página se suele mostrar nada más entrar a la raíz del dominio. La mayoría de las ocasiones suelen invitarnos a que introduzcamos nuestro email para que nos notifiquen cuando la web este activa.

Ejemplos páginas «coming soon»:

Próximamente batallame

comming soon

cooming soon

coming soon

comming son


web alpha

web coming soon

online web cooming soon

diseño coming soon

próximamente online

web próximamente

soon coming

Coming sun

3 Responses to “Curiosos diseños «coming soon».”

  1. OfferFest dice:

    Muy creativas estas paginas!!

    Estuve buscando sobre el tema (asi encontré tu pagina), y descubri lo que hacen en, muy muy interesante, creo que esta muy relacionado:

    Buen design + idea viral = lanzamiento fuerte

    Se trata de hacer esas paginas mas «virales» con acceso a la beta a los usuarios mas populares.
    Lo estamos estrenando en España para OfferFest en y va muy bien.

    El equipo de @OfferFest

    • Adib dice:

      Great questions to ask. I would LOVE to hear some of the answers. Our office examines the appointment files for policy compliance and to ensure that salary and other benefits are in line with University standards/practices and that is really all we see of the recruitment process unless there is a problem. In some ways academic hiring is a black box while there are a lot of applications (average here is about 70 for assistant professor jobs) there is little discussion of how applications are vetted and what criteria is used. From what I see there are large variations between disciplines with some hiring a lot of assistant conditionals (those without completed PhDs) and others requiring at least 1 post doc. As for publishing a book, I don’t see that a lot in appointment files and this is a research focused institution. Nor do I generally see more than one monograph on the tenure files of humanists though we have a short tenure clock which may be part of the reason. What I do see are people who are hired rather quickly out of their Phd not a lot of stipend teaching or other academic experience for humanists so the dissertation, conference papers and publications seem to be important. But that’s just the paper. The job talk, subject area, reference letters and fit issues are determined by the hiring committee there has to be a lot to that too.Stephannie recently posted..

  2. Dustin dice:

    El recuerda que abrieron el primer local en Palermo un jueves, sin avisarle mucho a
    absolutamente nadie, y sin embargo, el primero de los días reventó de público.